We're here because of you.

We know the struggle of finding the perfect solution for your curls and twists, coils and tresses. That’s why we created FORM.

My hair was born out of conflict. An altercation of continents. My mother was born in steamy Shanghai and my father in gritty East New York.

Angela, 28

About angela

I never truly understood my hair growing up…my hair made me feel ashamed at times, like when I couldn’t control it around all the girls with straight, silky hair.

Melissa, 24

About melissa

I used to think that the world would end if one day I didn't straighten my hair.

Nicole, 26

About nicole

My dad taught me how to tie my hair but I learned how to braid myself by looking at other people's hair.

Myra, 11

About myra

Your stories made FORM.

You’ve tried to find the perfect solution for wash & styles, beachy waves, spiral curls, Senegalese twists, high ponytails and messy buns, too. You’ve worked hard to love your hair and it hasn’t always been easy.

Born from a global community of women of all ethnic backgrounds, FORM is the first and only end-to-end system designed to make hair care simple. We’re here to guide you through your frustrations and answer your questions.

We’re ready to revolutionize how you love and care for your hair.

A Journey Made
for FORM

Our promises to you.

We pledge to provide high quality and enriching experiences in everything we do. We believe your hair and body are sacred and should be treated with respect
and care.

About products

We specifically designed the FORM family of products to complement each other and your process.

So no matter what your needs are, FORM works every step of the way. You’ll never find suspect chemicals in our products. Everything we make for you is thoroughly vetted to provide top performance without compromising, ever.

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