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Frizz-free Flat Ironed

Presented by Felicia Leatherwood

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The recipe

  1. Start with freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair.
  2. Liberally apply Multitask throughout entire head.
  3. Start with a gentle blow dry, using your fingers to move the hair around. Now smooth on Protect, focusing on the ends and moving up from there.
  4. Next, with a brush, finish blow drying until the hair is completely dry.
  5. Separate the hair into sections using clips to secure it in place.
  6. Flat iron one small section at a time, moving slowly down each strand.
  7. You can give each strand a soft bump by slightly curling the ends as you finish them.
  8. Apply Polish lightly to smooth the cuticle and help prevent frizz.
Pro Tip:

If you have layers, you can bend some out to create more dimension.

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